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Meet the Team

mel final

name mel, Founder, also known as Queen Piggy, dabbles in all pig-related projects. “I constantly come up with pig-perfect ideas (okay, maybe some aren’t so perfect) that I don’t always finish. I’m a bit crazy and easily distracted, so I’m very lucky to have Katherine by my side to keep me focused and organized!”

“I am passionate about changing the world. Yes, it may seem impossible to change the world, but making a difference in one person’s life may very well change their world—and the generations that follow them. God has blessed all of us with gifts that we can use to make the world a better place. Find your blessings and use them for good!” On a Sunday afternoon she can be found with her hubby and 2 girls. “If we’re together, we’re having fun—no matter what we’re doing.”

About life outside of Piggy Paint, “It’s a zoo at our house.  We have a dog named Santa that reigns over our cat (Mickey), bearded dragon (Liz Liz), and 2 hermit crabs (Sarah and JoJo).  Note to self: if your daughter asks for a “lizard”, that cute and tiny creature may just grow into an 18” cricket-devouring monster.”

Melanie says her favorite Piggy Paint shade is Jazz it Up! Nickname at The Pig: The Queen Piggy


Brockname brock, Director of Logistics, is responsible for shipping and receiving of all merchandise. As the ring leader of the ladies in the warehouse, he ensures things run as smoothly as possible. He also has the ability to locate anything in the office.  If you can’t find the double sided tape, just ask Brock!

Brock is passionate about  music, sports, hunting, and fishing. “My favorite way to spend a weekend is doing absolutely nothing, but that never happens.” 

Brock’s favorite shade of Piggy Paint is Sea-quin. Nickname at The Pig: Mystery Man




name aaron, VP Operations, is passionate about his faith, his family, and the outdoors!

“I hibernate all winter, so I can enjoy the other 3 seasons outside.   On a normal weekend, if I am not tending to my family, you would probably find me woodworking, dreaming of my next backpacking trip, or “trying” to improve my golf game.”

“My daughter loves Forever Fancy and Radioactive, so if I had to choose between those I would pick Radioactive as my favorite Piggy Paint color.”




KatherineName katherine, Director of Product Marketing & Development, also known as KP, is responsible for all things creative at “The Pig”. “I work closely with Mel to come up with and execute ideas and typically finish the projects she starts.”

“I am passionate about healthy eating and fitness. I love finding out about new healthy foods and recipes and sharing what I find with anyone who will listen! However, I do still indulge in the occasional slice or three of supreme pizza, my weakness.”

“On the weekends you can find me riding my road bike or mountain bike, lazing by the pool or lake, or watching my favorite show on Netflix with my dog Izzy.”

Katherine’s favorite Piggy Paint color is PINKie Promise. Nickname at The Pig: Princess


Name Aud, Operations Manager, is responsible for large accounts as well as accounts payable and receivable.Aud bio final

Nicknamed Mini Penny (maiden name was Penny), she is very passionate about her family. “There is nothing better than spending time with family. I could talk about my son all day long!  Also, I love football. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite, but the Bears are a close second. I like doing anything outdoors, such as camping, hiking, sports, etc. and traveling to new places.” 

“On the weekends I spend most of my free time chasing around Jude, my very active 19 month old son. We spend most of our free time outside playing or inside watching Monsters Inc.”

My Christian faith is very important to me. I am a very patriotic person. My husband, TJ, is a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I have 2 brother-in-laws who are in the Army and a brother and sister-in-law in the Navy. I love animals to a point that drives my family crazy.

Audrey’s favorite Piggy Paint colors are Mint to Be, Sweet Pea, and Sea-Quin! Nickname at The Pig: Sheldon 



Name Linds,  Sales Manager, handles customer service, orders, and is on the way to becoming a famous Piggy Paint hand model.

“I have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle!  In my spare time I search the Internet for healthy food recipes, and like every other girl…clothes!”

“On the weekends you can find me in the gym, playing golf, or curled up on the couch watching my favorite TV shows: 24 and One Tree Hill.”

Lindsay’s favorite Piggy Paint color is Peace of Cake! Nickname at The Pig: Cake Boss


name marc, President/CEO, is responsible for the management and growth of Piggy Paint. Marc

“I am passionate about making a difference in kids lives.  I enjoy coaching sports and leading a small group of 10th grade guys at church.  My Christian faith is very important to me as well as my family.

“In my free time you can find me playing golf or watching sports.”

Marc’s favorite shade of Piggy Paint is Forever Fancy! Nickname at The Pig: Boss Hog






Ruth final    Becky

                          Mrs Ruth                                 Becky Name