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Win Our Favorite Back to School Products!

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in News | 131 comments

So summer is over and the kiddos are headed back to school! Is there a product or accessory that your kid just HAD to have this school year? We have picked a few of our faves, check them out and you could win some of these awesome products and $100 gift card from Rockin’ Green! $450 Value!!

Just comment and like the “Win Our Favorite Back to School Products” Facebook post on Piggy Paint’s page telling us what the favorite back to school item is in your house and you will be entered to win a prize from EACH of the brands featured! That’s 10 PRIZES! One lucky winner will be chosen this Friday! Only US participants at this time.


 back to school giveaway

owlsdress copy

Cute and comfy, we love this Wee Urban Cotton and Bamboo Dress $29.00

ZizzyBee_Bags copy

Stay organized with these ZizzyBee Bags $15.99-$19.99


Keep the lips moisturized with Piggy Paint non-toxic,strawberry lip balm or lip gloss compact.

rockin green

Back to school means back to dirty sports uniforms. Try  this Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent.  Rockin’ Green:$15.95 (WIN $100 Gift Card)

color wheel Train 8

Don’t forget the nails! With the perfect color to compliment any outfit Piggy Paint non-toxic nail polish is a must-have for back to school! $8.99

rock the locks

We LOVE these natural and organic hair products! These non aerosol sprays come in fun, funky packaging and scents that kids love! AND the lightweight formula cuts down on drying time!  5-pack, Shampoo, Detangler, Curl Boost, Anti-frizz, and Flex Style Spray from Rock the Locks: $60


Make carpooling a breeze with one of these Booster Seat Headrests from Cardiff Products: $49.99

bus stop

Headed to the bus stop with baby in tow? Make it easier with this multi-functional PunkinWrap. At PunkinWrap:  $48.00

happy fam

Happy Family Brands, Snack Happy Gift Set contains a selection of Happy Family’s most popular items for adding a nutritious, convenient snack to any lunchbox!  ($50 value)


Label it! Mabel’s Labels makes it easy with their Ultimate Back to School Combo labels! $42.00


Keep the baby’s entertained while getting the kids and yourself ready with PullyPalz! $24.99





Piggy Paint


  1. Backpacks and snack bags or lunch bags are the fave in iur household.

  2. My daughter is heading to preschool this fall so backpack and lunch box were the “it” items!

  3. My little girl likes any new pens for back to school, and her green piggy paint of course!

  4. Markers!

  5. I would love to win

  6. Great giveaway

  7. Thank you for a chance!

  8. Very cool products!

  9. Great quality backpacks are on top of our list!

  10. Backpacks and lunch bags.

  11. Some new clothing is a nice but, as a girl, pens were a MUST!

  12. Thanks for the chance! When school time arrives, we need good, healthful snacks to help make it through the day with a good attitude!

  13. We like art supplies!

  14. Great giveaway! A new backpack and crayons are the best back-to-school supplies!

  15. My girls favorite back to school item is their piggy paint. They had to have freshly painted nails for the first day of school.

  16. Be sure to comment on the “Win our Favorite Back to School Products” post on Piggy Paint’s Facebook page to enter this contest! Good luck!

  17. I think my girls would pick their Frozen notebooks we got for them to doodle on.

  18. ❤️ ALL these items!!!!

  19. I love new shoes

  20. Our favorites is picking out new shoes and fun pencils.

  21. ♥♥♥ all the product 🙂 and also perfect for my daughter ♥

  22. My daughter’s favorite back to school item is a new backpack.

  23. Can’t pick my favorite prize

  24. I can’t believe it’s already time for back to school!

  25. Our favorite back to school product is the spiderman book bag

  26. done!

  27. I want to win!

  28. Would love to win this amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance 🙂 commented and entered on facebook

  29. So many things to love! Love the Happy Family brands products and Rock the Locks!

  30. I would have 4 happy kids if we won! My twins wear piggy paint

  31. I love me some new crayon smell!

  32. The happy family gift set its awesome.

  33. Love all the products! My daughter loves getting her nails painted and I’m happy to do it with these polish choices! 🙂

  34. My daughters favorite school supply would be markers, esp. the scented ones.

  35. My niece and nephew were bummed about not getting new backpacks because we are homeschooling but they got very excited about the art supplies we bought!

  36. My kids will love these goodies!

  37. I love the Piggy Paint & the Wee Urban outfit 🙂

  38. I love WeeUrban clothes!! They are so cute. Would love to win!

  39. I would love some of those hair products to try but right now Jamberry is our can’t do without.

  40. My favorite back to school item for my kiddos is new lunch boxes. 🙂

  41. Crossing my fingers!

  42. Love getting school supplies and new clothes!!

  43. My daughter starts Kindergarten this year, we spent hours picking a backpack and lunchbox. But my favorite is labels for her items!

  44. I think our 2 favorite things this year are the reusable snack bags that we have and the new “Frozen” backpack.

  45. Lunch box and backpack

  46. We would love the Happy Family Brands snack gift set. My son loves their snacks and I love that both my kids can eat them!

  47. We love the Rockin Green soap and the Mabel’s Labels.

  48. My daughter’s only 2, but she got to pick out some new crayons and markers. Mommy bought herself some index cards and very fine Sharpies for her consultant business. 😉

  49. What an excellent prize package! Piggy Paint is excellent. 🙂

  50. My twins love their sam and cat book bags even though the show just ended.

  51. My boys get a new backpack and lunchbox each year!

  52. School supplies and piggy paint

  53. We love all the products! My daughter however would say Piggy Paint polish is her favorite. She loves to paint her nails every day (sometimes more than once)!

  54. Never seen the pully pals! They look fun!

  55. We love piggy paint!

  56. New backpacks and a special outfit for the first day of school are what my girls got super excited about this year!

  57. My grandchildren would probably say the backpacks and the snacks inside the backpacks! connie danielson

  58. Awesome! 😀

  59. I would live this! happy family is a staple in my son’s diet, and rockin green is used daily here also! thanks for the chance!

  60. What an awesome giveaway! Would like the chance to use the Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent.
    Can’t forget piggy paint!

  61. All time favs: Piggy pants and labels!!!

  62. We love our reusable sandwich bags and I’m loving planet box (not sure about the investment)

    I wish we could label stuff. Our kids don’t get to have their own school supplies

  63. Love everything! But I love the owl dress the most my daughter loves loves wearing dresses she calls it looking fancy and this year she’s going to be a kindergartener! Thank you for a chance to win!

  64. Picking the perfect backpack to go along with the best lunchbox and making sure we have new sneakers.

  65. My daughter is starting Kindergarten next week so our favorite back to school item was a new backpack and lunch bag that she got to pick out.

  66. new art supplies and new clothes!

  67. My kiddos are in love with their new backpacks! They were really fun to pick out 🙂

  68. Hello kitty backpack & lunch bag were a must for my daughter who started kindergarten this year.

  69. new art supplies and new clothes!!!

  70. What great stuff!!! Love the headrest!

  71. Oh & our favorite back to school stuff are the backpacks & lunchbags!!!

  72. Backpacks and clothes!

  73. Clothes and Ticonderoga real wood pencils

  74. My daughter was excited about her lunchbox since she is in all day kindergarten this year.

  75. My house’s favorite back to school item would have to be backpacks. So fun to pick out!

  76. I’d love to win! This is awesome.

  77. all of them thanks for the chance

  78. Backpacks and lunch bags!

  79. Back to school clothes. My kids love picking out what they’re going to wear.

  80. backpack and lunch box 🙂

  81. backpacks

  82. Love these back to school products!!

  83. My daughter had to have a cheetah print backpack for 2nd grade this year.

  84. The wee urban dress! And piggy paint is our faves. And the lip gloss.

  85. We love new sneakers and new backpacks!

  86. My kids love picking backpacks and art supplies

  87. Piggy paint, crayons

  88. Brand new shoes 🙂

  89. We love to get new clothes and shoes for back-to-school.

  90. My daughter loves new back back and clothes.

  91. My son was most excited for his new sneakers.

  92. My son is home schooled so he doesn’t get to experience back to school anything. He loves shopping though. And is usually a year round thing.

  93. We must have cute labels for our school supplies!

  94. Skip Hop backpack

  95. Backpacks glue glitter rulerd

  96. We’re starting preschool, so a new lunchbox was at the top of our list!

  97. Beginning new is always great. It’s fun to buy new school supplies for a new school year.

  98. My son is starting 1st grade & is excited to use his new lunchbox! My 1 year old daughter will start daycare and loves wearing her backpack already!

  99. Oh man I’d love to win that much rockin green!!!

  100. I love the cute backpacks and lunch boxes for the little ones! (And any excuse for new clothes, right?)

  101. I love buying school lunch bags and making fun new foods everyday for the kids! plus its always a surprise for them

  102. These look like amazing products!

  103. My son starts preschool this year and is so excited about his back pack.

  104. Snacks and anything for organization!

  105. My 7 yr old daughter says new scissors, my 8 yr old son says science notebooks.

  106. Piggy paint!!

  107. We’re homeschoolers, so our favorite new thing for back to school is our new curriculum for the year. It’s going to be so much fun.

  108. This would be awesome to win!

  109. Toddler sized backpack

  110. Crayons, markers and craft items were the hit here!

  111. the backpacks, lunch boxes and crayons!

  112. I love he noodle neck fix!

  113. This is awesome, I would love to win it 🙂

  114. Love love love these products!!!

  115. Backpack for sure and healthy, easily traveled snacks for my little one!

  116. New back to school clothes are our favorites and new shoes!!

  117. I would love to win

  118. I would so love to win for my 5 Granddaugthers. Thank you for the chance…

  119. We like to pick out new packbacks and lunch boxes!

  120. Happy family snacks are our favorite!

  121. School supplies and a new booksack

  122. Awesome giveaway. These would all be amazing

  123. We love fresh new paper and pencils. Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

  124. My girls love Piggy Paint, my youngest is living her favorite backpack for preK, and my son loves his laptop.

  125. Our favorite is our piggy paint on the first day of school

  126. back pack, new school shoes, school t- shirt, school supplies

  127. What a wonderful assortment of products. My daughter had to have a specific back pack.

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