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Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Life is hectic enough just taking care of my own family, which often leaves little room in my heart to think about the interest of others. Helping people is something that makes me feel close to God, so I’m glad He sends me a reminder daily to do so.


We live about ½ mile from the interstate and in the mornings, there are cars backed up to our subdivision. To get on the road that leads to the interstate, I typically have to rely on a car to stop and let me out. I am always grateful to that person, and in return, I let a car (or 4) out at the next subdivision. Almost every day, the same scenario occurs, and I LOVE watching the sequence. Someone lets me out, then I let the next person out, then that car lets another car out, and so on. This occurs until we hit the interstate. Even as frustrating as the traffic is, I giggle frequently and thank God for the reminder.


The other day, my oldest daughter heard about “Drive-thru Difference Day” on the radio and insisted we participate, so we paid for the car behind us at a fast food drive-thru. I could tell the man taking our credit card was perplexed. As we were driving away, Madeline stood on her knees to see how the driver reacted when she found out. We left too soon to see, but began discussing how fun it is to bless others. I related it to back to the above interstate story that she experiences daily. I am pretty sure my 10 year old, with her big heart and childlike faith, “got it” more than her self-absorbed Mom.


Most likely, when you help someone, they will want to bless someone else, and these blessings just multiply as people pass along the kindness. Showing love with a selfless act usually spreads more joy than we intend.


As we approach Thanksgiving, I’m going to try to slow down enough to be thankful for my blessings—and mindful to pour those blessings into others. I hope you will too!


– Melanie Hurley
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Popcorn Garland using Homemade Popcorn – Fun Family Activity

Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in News | 0 comments

This past weekend, Melanie had a houseful of girls to keep entertained. Since they already have their Christmas tree up (yes, we know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet), she decided to have them make popcorn garland! Unable to find plain popcorn at the store she decided to try making homemade popcorn for the first time. Using a large pot, she popped the kernels on medium heat. POP they did! The girls enjoyed this part so much because just when they thought it was safe to take off the lid, popcorn popped everywhere!


Once they had the popcorn ready, all they needed was needle and thread!


Be sure to supervise this part. ALL four girls ended up pricking themselves with the pin during this process!


 Some people use cranberries as well but Melanie was afraid the dog would eat them, so she opted out on the cranberries. At this point, you simply use the needle to slide the popcorn onto the string until you have a long and lovely piece of art! Here are her girls acting silly with the final product!

photo 2

Melanie hopes your family enjoys this little activity as much as they did!


Piggy Paint

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