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I am 27 years old and haven’t been able to wear nail polish for over 15 years because I had an allergic reaction to all other nail polish. I am getting married in April and I had wished I could have my nails painted for my special day. This weekend at work I heard from one of my co workers about Piggy Paint and decided I would give it a try. Two days later of wearing it, no allergic reaction! I am so thankful to have found Piggy Paint!! My 29 year old sister has had the same allergic reaction to other nail polishes as well, I told her about Piggy Paint immediately! She has not had a reaction as well!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I had thought it was never possible!! Thanks for making a product that is safe for the environment as well! I can’t wait to wear Piggy Paint on my wedding day!!

Brenda, Chillicothe, Missouri

My Granddaughter Heidi…gives me pedis with her piggy paint. And she is increasing her fine motor skills giving herself manis & pedis with Piggy Paint. We believe in Piggy Paint!

Carleigh, Canada
I wanted to let you know that my daughter got some nail polish in her hair (just too excited I guess!), but when it was dry, I was able to brush it out. Any other brand and I’d be scouring the internet for alternatives to soaking her hair in toxic remover or cutting it out.
Kirk, Kent, OH
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery, she loves the color and we’re having lots of fun! Your idea is very clever and helpful, our family has allergic reactions to fumes and we had said NO to painted nails (you’ve saved the day!).
Cadan, Simi Valley, CA
I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT. I am very particular about what I put in and on my daughter, and your product meets the non-toxic standards perfectly! 🙂 I plan on telling every Mom I know with daughters, about Piggy Paint! Thanks again. PS: I got “sleepover” for me – Can’t wait to show it off to my Mom friends… 😉
Elizabeth, mother of Allison
I just wanted to say thank you so much. I got my daughter’s nail polish today that my step mother ordered for me and it is beautiful on her ….she is only 3 months old and I felt completely fine putting this product on her…it had no harsh smell and amazing. I only had to use one coat…with my nail polish I have to use 2 or 3 coats to look as bold as hers did with one coat. Thank you again.
Andrea, Calgary, Canada
I just received my Piggy Paints and I love them. Thank you for creating such a pretty and non-toxic alternative.
I just received my Piggy Paints and I love them. Thank you for creating such a pretty and non-toxic alternative. I LOVE Piggy Paint!! I had twins boys and I couldn’t tell them apart so after much research on the internet I found that Piggy Paint was the safest to use. I ordered the lightest blue (they are boys after all) and I painted one of their big toes until I was able to tell them apart. Then my 8 year old daughter took it from me and the bottle is almost gone. Time to re-order 😉
Love your nail polish! I never thought I’d be all ga-ga over painting my daughter’s nails but your product has us doing weekly manicures and wanting every color! Thanks! I’m spreading the word
My Piggy Paint just arrived!! That was super quick!! I can’t wait till my grandbaby’s nap! She will wake up with pink piggys!!
Thank you so much 🙂